Goals & Achievements :

The firm started in  1991 with a turnover of few thousands and reached to the turnover of few crores gradually. In this journey, we crossed many milestones also:

* Highest Internet customers ( year 1997)

* Highest Networking Customers ( year 2000)

* Most Growing CP of Rajasthan (year 2004 by DQ) 

* Best Zenith Retailer in Rajasthan ( year 2006)

* Best Corporate Sales Award ( year 2009 by C&C)

*  Best Performed Service Partner in North India (2010  by APC)

*  First ISO 9001 certified Computer Dealer of town ( Norwegian)

We  at  BlueBell,  are always  inclined  towards  customer  satisfaction.  We   provide  preventive  maintenance  at  customer  site. The day to day complaints  of our  customers are  attended &  satisfied  within  few  working  hours,  at  customer  site.

We  believe  that  a satisfied  customer  always  multiplies the  customers. Our service  front  is  highly  dedicated  &  strong enough to face the  toughest challenges.


We  always  bring   vertical  IT products &  services  in our  basket  for  our  customers &  believe in value  addition as well.